Thursday, March 1, 2012

Something Old... Something New. Something Borrowed, Something... Blue?

Yeah, title of my blog... Paint, Create, Live... I'm more-so focusing on the living part these days. Pardon if I digress.

So title of this post, kinda a big thought in my mind since... well... 7 months. I'd have to say its changed quite a bit since I first thought of the phrase. If any woman you've ever known to be in the situation where the big day was "OFF!", please treat here with patience. My goodness what this whole feeling of marriage does to a lady. Makes them ABSOLUTELY NUTS.. keep this in mind.

Here now is my meaning to the phrase above:

Something Old: Family.

Though the times may seem dull and boring, I'd take the time spent with my family over anything. My Mom, how truly wonderful she is. She gets me. About the only person on this planet that truly GETS me. Mom, I know I say it, but I hope you know when I do, How much I truly love you! Dad, you are the most kindest, gentle man that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Your ability to keep calm and carry on amazes me. No wonder my Mom, Your Wife loves you so very much. I now know that there will never be any other Man that could fill your shoes! Boy oh Boy have you set a standard for me. Sis.. yes you. How beautiful and intelligent you are. How I would have loved to have had you as my teacher. You are an educator of many things and I know that your students will be forever grateful in all the lessons you have taught them. I will always have close girlfriends, but I will forever have only ONE sister.

Something New: Strength.

Many of us can describe Strength with different words and different feelings. It to me is very much a description. I know that some think its about how much you can lift, how BIG one could be. Others may think it would be how one can hold themselves tall to others on the outside. I think a lot of what people think of what "Strength" is, is what is tangible to them. I find the term very different for me. Strength to me is what I feel inside. Some days are stronger than others. Sometimes I feel weak. Its only in those times to I realize just what the word Strength means to me. To be weak, to feel disheveled, to worry to cry. This is when I feel when Strength appears. I know that you have to go through the bad to get to the good and only when you get to the good is when you can appreciate the feeling of good. This to me is Strength. "You gotta get through what your going through to get to where your going!".

Something Borrowed: Wisdom.

A lot of times, we see the end result and don't do a darn thing of it. We see things taking a turn and only out desperation we cling on hoping that things will "work itself out". I've neglected my wisdom. I've allowed myself to ignore what my gut tells me. I know that I'm smarter than this, but this is what I've done to myself. Having the Wisdom to figure it out before things spiral out, this I've borrowed from others that have been in my shoes. I'm listening, I hear it. I see it and now I know it. I'm feeling like a sponge these days, and for once its all starting to make sense.

Something Blue: .... I like lots of things blue.

Blue, could be cold. Could be wet, could be dark could be light. Blue... Well, I just keep thinking of the sky. Look up. Don't look down, Look up. The sky the stars, blue... Erica blue.

Getting sleepy but had these thoughts. I'm trying something new and actually making them very public. This is quite odd for me, but maybe then I wont be such a mystery, (or so I've been told).


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