Tuesday, February 28, 2012

25 things...

in no particular order...

1. I'm excited for my birthday, tho I'm feeling old... I know that sometimes life doesn't begin till 35.
2. Santa gave me all that I wished for... "A real nice tan".
3. I love my friends.
4. I miss my family daily.
5. Finding inspiration is hard for me right now, but I'm looking forward to warmer weather and better insights.
6. I work with some per-ty dern cool people.
7. My house has been neglected, but I'm ok with that.
8. I can nearly smell spring in the air today... that makes me happy.
9. I love my hair, tho I'm thinking I'm in a time warp with it. Its been 8 months since I've colored and I actually kinda like the grey that I see.
10. Little did the Twenty something gas station fella know, I got a giggle when he said I reminded him of Daisy Duke... must be the hair.
11. I need to fix my leaking toilet... ergh.
12. I've fixed the darn thing before, I can do it again.
13. I'd like to quite smoking. I need to quite smoking.
14. I feel bad that I've not painted, but not as bad that I've not had the desire to.
15. I wish I lived on a farm.
16. I wonder where I'll be in 5 years.
17. I want to be a better person to myself than the last 5.
18. I just need to unload the dress and be done with it.
19. When will Lucy start to show signs of suffering. I don't want for her to hurt.
20. I miss Smokey daily.
21. I think I'd be a great mom.
22. I look at a pink ribbon my friend gave me several days ago.. and it makes me smile. Its the little things.
23. Excited to get out of town soon... maybe then I could find some inspiration.
24. I'm looking good these days... Dressing well, eating better, sleeping more, drinking less... really does change your prospective when going through rough patches in life. I know I've not checked out.
25. I'm truly blessed. No matter how difficult times can be, they could be a whole lot worse!

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