Friday, March 16, 2012

25 musings...

1. TGIF!!!
2. Looking forward in seeing my family this weekend.
3. Loved this week. Was able to open the windows and "Air" out the house while cleaning my messy jeep.
4. The tough days and nights are still present, but they are getting fewer and farther between, for this I'm thankful for.
5. Not much really going on, truly.
6. Not feeling as overwhelmed as I have in the past. Think I've finally come to terms that I can only do one thing at a time and no need to worry about the things that are going undone. In time, those too will be accomplished.
7. I can be alone and be quite fine with it. Though sometimes I don't like to be.
8. Am thankful that I have a place that I can BE alone. And I'm thankful that I have a choice to not be if I'd rather be elsewhere.
9. Loving this weather so I can get back into the routine of walking. Used to all the time with the smokester, its odd not to have him with me however I still feel him in spirit.
10. I really think its time to put Lucy down. She's not the same little kitty anymore.
11. Want to start doing some research on churches. Still would like to paint a series.
12. Thinking of donating the "dress" to a beautiful woman that really could use it. Somehow I think this idea may allow me to flip my prospective on the whole mess. Anyone know of a Lady that could use some help or a specific group? I've done a little research and have only found places that they re-sell dresses. That kind of defeats my thought-full purpose.
13. Thinking of a vacation this summer... thinking beach-bound. Solo!
14. Thinking of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Never been.
15. Really getting motivated to be healthy. Feel the best I have in quite a long time.
16. Its hard to wrap my head around how time fly's by so fast sometimes and then how it all seems to stay so very still. Would just like it to find a happy medium.
17. SOOO excited for my very dear friends to be moving so close to me... YIPPY!!
18. Just found out that I will be quickly showing students from CCAD what I do here... yeah, lemme quickly show them... HA!
19. I want to buy another bike... Reeeally bad.
20. Wow... its been 12 years since I graduated CCAD.
21. Kinda secretly wish I could go back to school. Would like to go into Landscaping architecture or design. Something to do with plants, trees and dirt.
22. Have never seen dirt like mine at the house... its like gold! (darkest, richest soil ever!)
23. Know I want to plant a tree out back very soon. Thinking a white flowering dogwood.
24. Can't wait to see my backyard blooming this summer.
25. Girls night soon?! I'm feeling it...

yes... the bed once was his.

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