Tuesday, September 18, 2012

looking forward to fall

Its been some time since posting. A lot has changed, but not like the changes are crazy enough to post. Just changes for me. These days I'm feeling less... "alone". I finally found a pup that I'm crazy over. Her name is Josie.

11 months old Josie

Josie was a stray that was brought in to a very nice shelter from the local dog warden. No one knows much about her. No name, no history. From the vets they had determined that her birthday is October. So this October, Josie will be one year old... yes, still a pup indeed. The fine people at the shelter named her Josie... I liked it, she was getting used to it after being in her kennel for nearly two weeks. Inside, I'm thankful she was only there for just two weeks. Ohh yeah, it was the eyes that got me by my heart strings. They listed her as a bloodhound mix, I think that the mix is of a shepherd.

65lbs at her first visit, Josie May will most definitely be a big girl. Her pawls are almost the size of my old dane Smokey. She is so darn sweet and squishy and I can't be more happier to welcome her to a better life than on the streets. I'm thankful to come home to a warm hug and kisses.

Its also nice to have a walking partner. She does fairly well! I first started her on a typical lead in which she had no idea how to walk on a leash. Through her pulling and nearly choking herself unconscious, I found a nice, inexpensive harness that has worked fabulously. Once she gets a bit more older, I think I'll get her a really nice one. It allows her to do what she does best, smell. Yes, I'm thinking she is much more on the bloodhound side than shepherd. What's interesting is that she doesn't bark, well only if I'm vacuuming or mowing the yard. To other dogs and people though, she is only interested in playing. I've hear one hound howl out of her though... I think it startled even her. I've gotta say, I hope she doesn't on any occasions... but to hear this coming from deep inside her, I thought was AWESOME!

Slate Run Park
Honestly, I've just been hanging out with my new friend and working on the house. Painting, decorating, enjoying.... sleeping. This is my life and I'm fairly ok with it. Been staying pretty much to myself these days, Trying to figure it all out I suppose.


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