Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting back to me...

Its been a long road these last few months. Wedding planning came to a screeching halt. I will not go into detail on this board as I do have more class than that, but lets just say.... Thank GOD I know now instead of being locked into a marriage with a family that I couldn't escape.

Its been tough. Its been angry. Its been sad. Its been disbelief. But one good thing that it has been is enlightening. All of the things that I had put aside for someone else has now made me aware of the things I need to be doing. Loving Me. I've slept... a lot. I've cried... a lot. I've cleaned... a real lot. I've also just let me do the things I want to do.

Trying to paint has been hard through this process. Its hard to be creative when your mind is going in so many directions. I know I need to spend the time, not for anyone else, but for me to get back to my outlet.

I started this piece some time ago. I'm truly not certain where it is going, but that is what is kinda nice about it... their are no rules.

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