Thursday, April 21, 2011

A new Spring, Moving on to Summer....

 So... Very... Busy...

There was absolutely no insulation in these 100 year old walls. Nothing but old wood and nails. Pretty cool to see the skeletons of the home... but didn't feel so nice when the wind blew.

Pproject time! Tear out the walls, pull down the ceiling, clean up the dirt and dust and dead bugs. Thankfully, no run ins with a dead mouse or bird... or maybe I shouldn't say anything just yet, fingers are crossed.

Lots of work I might add. From the start I was feeling a bit out of shape, scared to climb that ladder up to the attic for fear of falling. Pissed at the world. It was good for me. It was somewhat of a rough personal time. I was able to work through my emotions while pounding and pulling nails. Getting dust in my eyes and screaming four letter words here and there. I was able to work through it and feel better about myself at the same time, thank god!

Before Tear Out. Isn't that paper lovely?

When all the insulation was installed and all nails pulled... I started on the floors. I think the carpet was at least half of the age of the house. NASTY and stinky. The other peoples dirt had to go. So as to my delight when I pulled it up, under it are the beautiful plank pine floors that I've seen in the other rooms of the house. The condition not so bad but in this room, the previous occupants had varnished on the perimeter of the room. This was somewhat havoc on the sanders... so I bought a new sander... well, 2 new sanders!!! Yahooo! I love tools, and I love being that girl that will go buy a new tool instead of new shoes!

nope, no insulation here!

I love the open ceilings!

A week in teardown mode. A week installing insulation. A week sanding... now what. Initial plan was to get bead board and leave the attic beams exposed. This I feel would be truly awesome allowing the room to have much more space visually than ever and also give room to a much needed ceiling fan. Cost of course then comes into picture. While not only the cost of this board would add about $200 to the project the main problem is the age of the house. See, the only document I could find about my little crooked house of which had an actual age other than "old" stated that the house was built in 1909. Therefore, placing bead board up that needs to be perfectly straight may pose a slight problem. NOTHING is straight on Oak street. nothing...

I love these floors!

Stain to come!

Plan B: Drywall. I love drywall - NOT! Tthinking of hiring someone to do it... $700 bucks... not! I love to work with my hands and I can do this... right? I would love to find someone just to do the finishing. I know that I'm capable of doing some minor mudding... but this? We'll see.

With easter coming up this weekend, I've given the room and my self a break. I need to get rejuvenated with this project, so just like me, I've got myself into another project. Over the last couple of days, I've ripped the wall paper down in the kitchen… It not only looks so much better, but feels clean. I've got the paint all picked out… time for priming!

The house is under construction fo' sure!

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